Beautiful Blue Lagoon in Ilocos, Philippines

Cruise to Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines

You may not have heard of a little region called Ilocos in the Philippines, but once you visit it, you will never forget its beauty. After docking at Salomague, the main port of Ilocos Sur province, you can lounge on the secluded beaches of nearby Cabugao. The island's isolation makes these beaches perfect for a brisk coastal trek. For a more urban excursion, head about an hour south to historic Vigan City, which is home to eclectic Spanish colonial architecture with dramatic Baroque accents. Whether you sip sweet coconut water on the sands of a castaway island, or marvel as the horse drawing your carriage trots through town squares that remain unchanged since colonial times, Ilocos is like nowhere else you've ever seen.
National Language Filipino, English
Currency Accepted Philippine Peso (PHP)

Things To Do in Ilocos (Salomague)

Tropical beach of Pagudpud in Ilocos, Philippines

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Pagudpud Beach

Cabugao to the Beach

Cabugao to the Beach

The waters off of Salomague port itself are clear and blue, but a quick taxi ride to nearby Cabugao will allow you to experience stretches of coastline unobscured by ships. Pug-os Beach, which is home to several beach resorts, is a popular option with white sands just waiting to be tread upon. Surf in turquoise waters or sip on fresh mango juice in a comfy lounge chair with your favorite book.

Stairway leading up to Cape Bojeador Lighthouse in Ilocos, Philippines

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Find Nostalgia in Vigan

Find Nostalgia in Vigan

If you have at least four hours in Ilocos, consider a day trip to Vigan, a city that's home to dozens of colonial architectural treasures. Ride a horse-drawn calesa buggy past landmarks such as St. Paul's Metropolitan Cathedral and the Spanish-era archbishop's residence. The bright orange roofs reflect the afternoon sun and the clip-clop of hooves on cobblestone streets draws travelers back to simpler days.

Blue boat docked by the shore in Ilocos, Philippines

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Blue Boat

Sail to Salomague Island

An alternative way to hit the beach from Salomague is to take a five-minute ride on a traditional banca boat and head to Salomague Island. Here, you'll escape to deserted white-sand beaches and the kind of solitude you can't find in urban areas. Cruise to Ilocos, Philippines and take a quick dip with a snorkel to enjoy the world-class diving these clear waters boast.

Crispy bagnet, a deep fried crispy pork belly dish, served with onion and fresh tomatoes and a side of rice, in Ilocos, Philippines

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Crispy Bagnet

Local Cuisine

South Iloco is a surprising culinary hot spot, especially when you consider how low-profile it is compared to other regions of the Philippines. Fried food is king here, from melt-in-your-mouth bagnet pork belly, to fatty but sweet and spicy longganisa sausage, which is the Philippines' answer to pan-Latin chorizo sausage.

Clay pottery for sale in Ilocos, Philippines

Ilocos (Salomague), Philippines Clay Pottery


Even if you can't make it down to Vigan to visit the workshops where super-strong and smooth-to-the-touch Pagburnayan pottery is made by hand, you can still take some home with you. Several vendors around Salomague's cruise port sell pieces large and small, including sizes you can take back on the ship with you.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 The Philippines' rainy season runs from May to October. Always carry an umbrella or a raincoat to be ready for anything.
2 Salomague is far away from the other cruise port of the Ilocos region, Laoag. Make sure you don't accidentally choose attractions in Laoag instead of Salomague.

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