The Nichinan coastline viewpoint with dark volcanic sand in Miyazaki, Japan

Cruise to Miyazaki (Aburatsu), Japan

Nestled in the southern corner of Japan, Miyazaki has a humid subtropical climate and miles of palm-tree-lined, sandy beaches. From the port at Aburatsu, the riches of Miyazaki are right at your fingertips. Cruise to Miyazaki and explore the remains of Obi Castle, a former samurai stronghold dating back to the 1400s. Then, ascend the steps to Udo-jingu Shrine, a Shinto place of worship overlooking the Pacific and the unusual rock formations at Aoshima. Afterward, enjoy the beach at Aoshima Island, with its warm waters and exotic Washington palms. Be sure to see the impressive Peace Tower at Heiwadai Park and glimpse the volcanic basalt cliffs of Takachiho Gorge.
National Language Japanese
Currency Accepted Japanese Yen (JPY)

Things To Do in Miyazaki (Aburatsu)

Takachiho Gorge, a narrow chasm cut through the rock by Gokase River with nearly sheer cliffs lining the gorge are made of slow forming volcanic basalt columns, Takachiho, Miyazaki, Kyushu, Japan

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Nature Bridge Takachiho

Gorge Yourself

Gorge Yourself

Formed by ancient volcanic lava flows from Mount Aso, the basalt cliffs at Takachiho Gorge are up to 100 meters high. Take in the views from the paved fence that runs through the forest along the gorge, or rent a boat to explore the river below and get up close and personal with Manai Waterfall.

Udo jingu, a Shinto shrine located on Nichinan coastline, Kyushu, Japan.

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Underground Shrine

Try Your Luck

Try Your Luck

The Shinto sanctuary at Udo Shrine stands out for its dramatic location — the main hall was built in a large cave, and the entire complex overlooks picturesque rock formations on the Pacific Ocean. If you can hit a turtle-shaped rock in the water with the clay balls sold here, your wish will come true, according to legend.

Red Building of Aoshima Shrine on Aoshima Island in Miyazaki, Japan

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Red Building

Walk the Devil's Washboard

About 40 minutes by car from Aburatsu, Aoshima is a small island connected to the mainland south of Miyazaki City. It's famed for its palm trees and unique rock formations known as the Devil's Washboard, perfectly aligned rows of basalt visible at low tide. Check out Aoshima Shrine, where worshipers pray for luck in marriage. The 1.5-km walk along the island's beaches is a great spot for photos during your Miyazaki cruise.

A plate of wagyu beef in Japan

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Wagyu Beef

Local Cuisine

Miyazaki beef is one of the most prized varieties of Japanese Wagyu beef. Here in its place of origin, you can enjoy it in two main modes of preparation: sukiyaki, where it's grilled on a hot plate in front of you and served with a slightly sweet soy-based dipping sauce, or shabu-shabu style, where it's presented raw and simmered with vegetables in an open pot of hot broth.

Wooden bowls with spoons found shopping in Japan

Miyazaki (aburatsu), Japan Wooden Bowl Spoon


Miyazaki's main shopping spot is Aeon Mall, a retail paradise for anyone looking for Japanese clothes, electronics and other consumer items. For Miyazaki-specific souvenirs, head to the Konne Miyazaki Products Shop — they stock locally made wood crafts, varieties of shochu (the much-loved liqueur) and traditional haniwa figurines made from clay.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Miyazaki Prefecture can be hot and humid in summer, so be sure to hydrate and protect yourself from the sun.
2 You can pick up single-day bus tickets that will take you around Miyazaki city and connect you to the surrounding sightseeing areas.

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