Rice fields in Nagasaki, Japan

Cruise to Nagasaki, Japan

A beautiful and bustling city, Nagasaki's streets have been touched by foreign culture for generations. This is the port by which the Portuguese and Dutch brought Japan into contact with Western culture in the 1500s, and over the years, international influence has continued to transform Nagasaki into the hub of cosmopolitan activity it is today. Explore the Dutch Slope, where you'll find Dutch residences from the 1800s and Japan's first Protestant Church, Higashi Yamate. Cruise to Nagasaki to see the oldest bridge in Japan, Megane-bashi — or "Spectacles Bridge," so called for its arched appearance. Then, visit Nagasaki Peace Park, with its 18-meter-wide fountain built to memorialize the events that took place here when the atomic bomb struck in 1945.
National Language Japanese
Currency Accepted Japanese Yen (JPY)

Things To Do in Nagasaki

Hashima Island on the corner view from the sea in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan Hashima Island

Play James Bond

Play James Bond

Just 20 kilometers from the shore of Nagasaki lies a mysterious, abandoned island. Commonly called Gunkanjima or Battleship Island, its derelict shores tell a story of coal mines and immigrants. On a guided tour, you can see the areas that famously appeared in the James Bond movie "Skyfall".

Glover Garden, nature and city view in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan Glover Garden

City of Firsts

City of Firsts

Nagasaki is home to some of Japan's oldest structures. See the Spectacles Bridge built in 1643, it the oldest bridge in Japan. Then stop in at Oura Catholic Church, the first wooden Gothic church in the country, or see the island's oldest European-style house at the picturesque Glover Gardens.

View from Mt. Inasa in Nagasaki, Japan

Nagasaki, Japan View Mount Inasa

View From Above

Mt. Inasa is the tallest mountain in Nagasaki and gives you a dazzling view over the city and the bay. At 333 meters high, you can see as far as the Goto Islands on a clear day. To get to the observation deck, hop on the ropeway up the mountainside.

Pork belly with boiled egg called Kakuni in Japan

Nagasaki, Japan Pork Belly

Local Cuisine

Dine like royalty at a Shippoku Ryori restaurant. You'll be served shareable small plates that blend Japanese staples with influences from China and Europe. Sample kakuni, cubes of pork belly braised in a dashi broth flavored with umami-packed dried bonito fish. Cruise to Nagasaki to indulge in a Sasebo burger, typically topped with egg, bacon and Japanese mayo. For dessert, try the Portuguese-inspired castella, a fluffy vanilla sponge cake balanced with gentle sweetness.

A kimono under a purple umbrella

Nagasaki, Japan Kimono Umbrella


Hamano-machi shopping district sells just about everything you can imagine. Pick up delicately patterned cotton and silks, or spring for a pair of unique, hand-carved chopsticks. Stop in at a fun 100 Yen store, where every item in the shop only costs 100 yen (less than a dollar).

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Getting around is easy in Nagasaki: The port is conveniently located in the center of the city, every major destination is connected via trams, and taxis are available at will.
2 If you'd like to save on public transport and taxis, spend your time doing a walking tour of the inner city.

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