Beautiful Japanese garden in Chiran Samurai district in Kagoshima, Japan

Cruise to Kagoshima, Japan

Japan's southernmost major city, Kagoshima delivers a memorable mix of unique cuisine, historical attractions and outdoor activities in its temperate weather. Take the short ferry ride from the port to Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park and immerse yourself in its natural grandeur — take a rejuvenating soak in the 100-meter-long natural hot spring, and take in views of the area's most iconic landmark: Sakurajima volcano, nicknamed the Vesuvius of Japan. Then, take in sweeping bayside vistas at Sengan-en, the elegant estate of the Shimadzu samurai clan, and stroll through its cherry blossom-filled gardens. Cruise to Kagoshima and head to Yurigahama Beach, with its bright waters and mysterious sandbar that appears each month in a slightly different spot, depending on the tides.
National Language Japanese
Currency Accepted Japanese Yen (JPY)

Things To Do in Kagoshima

The Sakurajima Volcano Crater in Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan Sakurajima Volcano Crater

Sakurajima Soak

Sakurajima Soak

Take the 15-minute ferry ride from Kagoshima and Sakurajima Yogan Nagisa Park. From here you can admire the smoky peak of Sakurajima volcano from several observation points, including Yunohira. Or take a dip into Magma Onsen, one of several hot springs where you can refresh yourself before the return trip.

Beautiful landscape with flowers and trees in Sengan-en, Kagoshima, Japan.

Kagoshima, Japan Garden Landscape

Samurai Garden

Samurai Garden

Step back in time at Sengan-en, a sprawling samurai estate originally built in the 17th century that offers breathtaking garden views of the bay and Sakurajima puffing in the distance. The villa here was built out of Yakushima cedar trees over 1,000 years old; it's perfect place to try traditional Japanese green tea and chocolate sweets.

Shiroyama historic lookout overlooking the volcano in Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan Historic Lookout

Historic Lookout

Head to Shiroyama Lookout, a hillside park overlooking the city and Sakurajima volcano. Heads up, history buffs: This was the site of the final battle of the Satsuma Rebellion, in which the last samurai, Saigo Takamori, met his end. Cruise to Kagoshima and check out Reimeikan Museum at the foot of the hill, based on the remains of a fort that once stood here.

Kurobuta Meat soup local cuisine in Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan Meat Soup

Local Cuisine

Cuisine in Kagoshima centers around kurobuta, or "black pork" — it comes from a black-haired breed of heritage pig that produces meat with a delicate, sweet flavor. Try the good stuff shabu-shabu hot pot style, wash it down with a cup of shochu, a distilled liquor from southern Japan that's often made with sweet potato, barley, sugar cane and buckwheat.

Japanese porcelain blue pottery sold in Kagoshima, Japan

Kagoshima, Japan Blue Pottery


Head over to the Tenmonkan district for unique Kagoshima goods, including handmade Satsumakiriko cut glass, Satsumayaki porcelain vases and bowls, Oshima tsumugi textiles and other handicrafts from Kagoshima and the Ryukyu Islands to the south. Tenmonkan shops also offer different varieties of shochu.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 There's no tipping in Japan, but you'll face an 8 percent sales tax everywhere except major retailers, which often have no-fee shopping.
2 Don't forget to carry some Japanese yen in cash as smaller shops, cafes and bars may not accept credit cards.

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