Beautiful white Kochi Castle is a Japanese castle in Kochi built by Yamanouchi Kazutoyo in 1601

Cruise to Kochi, Japan

Humming with happy energy, Kochi is a wholesome city blessed with green mountains and a network of blue rivers. The hub of the Kochi prefecture on the island of Shikoku, the city's streets are bustling hubs of activity — walk by vendors selling everything from grilled Bonito fish to authentic secondhand kimonos. Don't miss Kochi Castle, one of the only original castles from Japan's feudal age still standing today, with its traditional white towers perched on a hilltop above the city. Then, check out one of the city's 88 temples: The most famous is Chikurinji Temple on Mount Godaisan, complete with a five-story pagoda. Jump onboard a Kochi cruise and snack on imo-kenpi (candied sweet potatoes) in Hirome Ichiba indoor market.
National Language Japanese
Currency Accepted Japanese Yen (JPY)

Things To Do in Kochi

The statue of Sakamoto in the Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum in Kochi, Japan

Kochi, Japan Statue Sakamoto

Peace on the Pacific

Peace on the Pacific

A bronze statue of Sakamoto Ryoma — an Edo-period patriot who brought about the Meiji Restoration — peacefully overlooks the blue Pacific ocean from the picturesque Katsurahama Beach. Although you can't swim here (the currents are too strong), you can wander the shore and visit the nearby Sakamoto Ryoma Memorial Museum.

The Kochi castle in Kochi, Japan

Kochi, Japan Castle View

Feudal Fortress

Feudal Fortress

Unlike most castles in Japan, Kochi Castle is an original and not a restoration. One of 12 castles that survived the feudal period, its historical significance radiates from the walls built in 1601. The castle is a short bus ride or 25-minute walk from the main city station, and it offers of a panoramic view of the city and landscape from its top level.

Asao, also known as a low water crossing with a bridge over it in Kochi, Japan

Kochi, Japan Bridge Water Crossing

River Blues

An hour outside of Kochi city center, Niyodo river has the cleanest, clearest blue water you've ever seen. Around 124 kilometers long, its startlingly transparent waters consistently rank among the purest in Japan. Cruise to Kochi and experience the waters on a yakatabune, a traditional Japanese houseboat, or walk through the cool valley.

Lightly roasted bochi is a local cuisine in Kochi, Japan

Kochi, Japan Bochi Cuisine

Local Cuisine

In Kochi, freshly caught bonito fish are expertly filleted, wrapped in straw and seared over white-hot coals. The seared fish are gently sliced into sashimi and served with a salt or citrus dressing. Called tatakai, this dish is best enjoyed at one of the food stalls of Hirome Ichiba marketplace.

Various necklaces made out of red coral is typical jewelry of Kochi, Japan

Kochi, Japan Necklace Red Coral


Escape the summer heat or rain by walking through the covered Obiyamachi Ichibangai Shopping Street. With everything from food to delicate trinkets, it's a great place to pick up some keepsakes. The street leads to Harimayabashi Shopping Street, which eventually takes you to to the Kochi Castle. Keep an eye out for coral jewelry during your Kochi cruise: About 80 percent of Japan's coral artifact producers are located in Kochi.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Kochi's midsummer festival is held from August 9th to 12th. Otesuji Street draws over 20,000 dancers to its competition.
2 Every Sunday there is a market that stretches from Kochi Castle to the streets of the city.
3 Kochi still has some of the oldest trams in Japan. Some of the trams even have banquet facilities.

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