The upper levels of Chureito Red Pagoda with Mount Fuji in the distance

Cruise to Tokyo (Yokohama), Japan

Yokohama is the central gateway to exploring Tokyo, a once-humble fishing village that is now one of the world's biggest, most densely populated cities. You'll find an eclectic mix of traditional shrines and soaring skyscrapers lining these neon-lit streets. Walk the Rainbow Bridge over Tokyo Bay alongside the Yurikamome Rail Line, a futuristic, operatorless train system. Then, see old Tokyo at the Imperial Palace, an Edo Castle surrounded by moats and gardens perfect for strolling. Cruise to Tokyo and head to iconic Sensoji Buddhist Temple and pass below the massive red paper lantern of the Thunder Gate. Then, unwind in Yoyogi Park, a literal forest in the heart of the city, complete with Zen gardens and a gingko tree forest.
National Language Japanese
Currency Accepted Japanese Yen (JPY)

Things To Do in Tokyo (Yokohama)

Two geishas walking by the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan, Geishas at Sensoji Temple

Let Tokyo Impress You

Let Tokyo Impress You

Whether you take a guided tour or explore on your own, Tokyo will never disappoint. Scope out the cutting-edge fashion in Harajuku and learn all about Otaku culture in Akihabara. Stop off at the forested Meiji shrine and see the bright Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, a well-known geisha district.

A bronze statue of the Great Buddha in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, Great Buddha bronze statue

Seaside Escape

Seaside Escape

Every summer, Tokyoites escape the heat by heading to the picturesque town of Kamakura. Take the classic Enoshima Electric Railway to the breathtaking Hase-Dera temple housing a gold-leafed statue of the goddess Kannon. Known for the popular Giant Buddha (Daibutsu), you can spot Mt. Fuji from the nearby charcoal black beaches of Inamuragasaki park.

The Sankeien Garden in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, Sankeien Garden

Garden of Architecture

Sankeien Garden is the extravagant creation of a 20th-century silk trader. Dotting the grounds are 17 recreations of iconic buildings from across Japan. All perfectly balanced according to the season, the garden is a celebration of Japan. Cruise to Tokyo and join in a traditional tea ceremony, and learn how to wear a kimono.

Chicken yakitori on a white plate

Tokyo, Japan, Chicken yakitori

Local Cuisine

Japan has some of the world's most renowned cuisine, and Tokyo is the epicenter of all that goodness. Try nigirizushi-style sushi, with simple, single cuts of delicate raw fish served over vinegared rice. Indulge in Tokyo's unique approach to the pan-Japanese noodle soup ramen — here, thin, wavy noodles luxuriate in a soy-infused chicken broth. Or snack on yakitori, grilled chicken skewers seasoned simply with salt or tare, a savory blend of fish-infused dashi broth, soy and vinegar.

An assortment of kimonos on a rack in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, Kimonos on a rack


Harajuku in the heart of Tokyo is a shopaholic's dream. From the weird to the classy, you'll find the latest fashion and the coolest brands. For a broader experience, head to Yokohama's 150-year-old Motomachi Shopping street. Hosting a massive sale in September and February, Motomachi has something for everyone. Jump onboard a Tokyo cruise and make sure to bring home some of the region's famous silk, either in the form of a floral kimono or scarf.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Rush hour in Tokyo is incredibly busy — give yourself some extra time to get back to the ship.
2 Taxis, trains and buses are all safe, reliable and comfortable ways to get around Tokyo.
3 Tokyo has more English-speaking people and English signboards than the rest of Japan, so getting around should be easier.

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