View of a volcano from Subic Bay, Philippines

Cruise to Subic Bay, Philippines

If Subic Bay seems like a natural port of call, that's because it was purpose-built to be one. A former U.S. naval base, Subic Bay today hosts a number of attractions, from ecotourism adventures on land and sea to world-class dining and shopping. Explore Pamulaklakin Forest, with its trail that takes you through lush rainforest past streams and a traditional village of the Aetas, the people native to Subic. If you're SCUBA-certified, discover the world beneath Subic Bay, where you'll find kaleidoscopic reefs and spellbinding shipwrecks. Cruise to Subic Bay and take a dip in the clear waters at quiet Dungaree Beach, or see bearcats, camels, ostriches and tigers at Zoobic Park.
National Language Filipino, English
Currency Accepted Philippine Peso (PHP)

Things To Do in Subic Bay

Twin dolphin show in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines Dolphins

Wonder at the Wildlife

Wonder at the Wildlife

Wildlife abounds in Subic Bay, and you don't have to go far from civilization to see the local fauna. Get up-close-and-personal with marine animals at Subic Bay Ocean Adventure. Or see the creatures of the land at Zoobic Safari, a 25-hectare wildlife sanctuary where you can glimpse tigers, camels, ostriches, wild boars and other animals native to the rainforests here.

Scuba Diving on coral reef with tropical fish in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines Scuba Diving Corals

Dare to Dive

Dare to Dive

Are you SCUBA-certified? If so, there's no shortage of dive companies around Subic Harbor to escort you on an underwater adventure. Swim through magnificent reefs, or see shipwrecks up close and personal. Even if you have only a short time to spare, diving in Subic is an accessible activity.

Tropical river running through rainforest in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines Tropical River

Take to the Trails

Get to know the stunning landscapes of Subic Bay the old-fashioned way: on two foot. Head to Pamaulaklakin Forest, where you can hike the trail through the rainforest and learn ancient survival methods from the Aetas, the native people who preserve their traditional ways here.

Popular ice cream dessert Halo-halo in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines Halo-halo

Local Cuisine

Subic retains a lot of American character, but seek out the Filipino favorites. Cruise to Subic Bay to try pancit, the regional rice noodle stir fry with chicken, cabbage and carrots. Spice it up with tambakol, local yellowfin tuna with chopped chilies, cooked in coconut milk. For dessert, indulge in colorful halo-halo, shaved ice sweetened with evaporated milk and mixed with sweet beans, coconut, fruit or other toppings.

Souvenir shells from a marketplace in Subic Bay, Philippines

Subic Bay, Philippines Shell Souvenirs


Shopping malls have become a favorite Filipino past-time, largely due to their promise of free A/C in this typically humid climate. But you can also find classic souvenirs in modern shopping centers such as Harbor Point and Royal Subic during your Philippines cruise vacation. Pick up seashells from the local shoreline or kitschy key chains shaped like Jeepneys — the Jeeps-turned-buses that are the Philippines' most famous form of public transport.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Jeepneys aren't permitted within the Subic free zone. If you want to ride one, make sure you have time to exit the free zone.
2 Check fixed taxi rates before hiring one. Taxis here don't use meters, but they are legally required to charge set prices for every journey.

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