Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in Mumbai, India, seen from above

Cruise to Mumbai (Bombay), India

Known as Bombay in colonial times, Mumbai today is one of India's most cosmopolitan cities. Marvel at the towering Gateway of India, the enormous arch that's one of India's most recognizable symbols. Cruise to Mumbai and head to Shri Mahalakshmi temple and pay homage to the garland-adorned statues of three goddesses within, and take in the bright white facade of the 15th-century mosque Haji Ali — you have to take a narrow walkway only accessible at low tide to get there. Drive 45 minutes out to the Elephanta Caves, where both Hindu and Buddhist prayer sites are carved out of rock. Then, wind down with views of both the city and the sea at Chowpatty Beach.
National Language Hindi, English
Currency Accepted Indian Rupee (INR)

Things To Do in Mumbai (Bombay)

Gateway of India, arch monument in Mumbai, India

Mumbai (Bombay), India Gateway

Memorable Mumbai

Memorable Mumbai

South Mumbai is the worldliest part of the city and home to many of its most-loved sights. Walk around the base of the massive Gateway of India — the arch-shaped monument was built in 1924 and meant to be the first thing visitors see when they arrive by boat. Or pop your head inside the Taj Mahal Palace hotel, one of India's most opulent and recognizable buildings.

View of Mumbai, India, from Marine Drive

Mumbai (Bombay), India Marine Drive

Seaside Meditation

Seaside Meditation

Communion with nature is more meditative when you make the journey to the seaside Shree Mahalakshmi Temple — less than an hour each way from the cruise terminal by taxi. And check out Chowpatty Beach, where thousands of locals come to dunk statues of the god Ganesh into the waves each year in September.

Statues inside the Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, India

Mumbai (Bombay), India Elephanta Caves

Carved From History

Hop aboard one of the many boats bound for Elephanta Island, which sits just offshore from Mumbai and is home to the Elephanta Caves. At this UNESCO World Heritage Site, you'll find caves full of otherworldly rock carvings in both the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.

Masala dosa with potato stuffed inside, very popular breakfast in Mumbai, India

Mumbai (Bombay), India Masala Dosa

Local Cuisine

Mumbai is home to fine restaurants, but the best way to understand its culinary disposition is with its street food. Sit down for a masala dosa, India's take on a crepe, which in Mumbai is served with spicy tomato sauce. During your cruise to India, enjoy one of the many fritters for sale at Chowpatty Beach — the potato-and-onion bhaji is popular among vegetarians.

Colorful traditional Indian dresses selling at the street vendors in Mumbai, India

Mumbai (Bombay), India Colorful Dresses


Mumbai is a shopper's pardise, whether you take a walk down Colaba Causeway to browse traditional Mahrashtran jewelry or snag a vintage Bollywood movie poster from any of the souvenir stalls in Apollo Bandar, the neighborhood nearest to the cruise ship terminal. Alternatively, take home a piece of Indian fashion in the form of a woman's sari.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 It takes a long time to get around in Mumbai, in spite of how small the city center looks, no matter what transit time Google Maps gives you.
2 Walk into the city with an open mind, and duck into a cafe or restaurant to take a break if you feel overwhelmed.

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