Basilica of Bom jesus in Old Goa inspired by Portuguese architecture with lush landscape in Goa, India

Cruise to Goa (Mormugao), India

Although it's India's smallest state, Goa packs in big-time oceanside enjoyment, with long beaches flanked by lush palm forests. Head to Old Goa to walk along the cobbled streets and take in the Portuguese colonial architecture, including the sand-colored Basilica de Bom Jesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cruise to Goa to soak in the sun or go snorkeling on Palolem Beach. Or see sloth bears and panthers up-close at the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary. Finish your day with plate of Goan fried mussels with masala spice and an after-dinner stroll along the shops of downtown Panjim.
National Language Hindi, English
Currency Accepted Indian Rupee (INR)

Things To Do in Goa (Mormugao)

Augustine Ruins in old Goa, India

Goa, India Augustine Ruins

Portuguese Past

Portuguese Past

Old Goa is a wonderland for admirers of Portuguese-colonial architecture, with an array of churches and other monuments that date back as far as the 16th-century. If you haven't got time to spend a few hours here, stick close to Mormugao port and visit the Religious Museum of the Blessed Joseph Vaz, a 15th-century Oratorian priest.

The Palolem Beach with colorful beach huts and palm trees along the coast of Goa, India

Goa, India Palolem Beach

Stick to the Sands

Stick to the Sands

Goa is famous for its beaches, especially those in the southern part of the state. The lush Palolem is worth the hike, but if you haven't got time for a half-day excursion there, stick close to the port. Majorda and Velsao are only a few minutes from Marmugao by taxi and rank among some of Goa's best beaches.

Numerous tropical flowers and plants on the spice plantations in Goa, India

Goa, India Spice Plantations

Spice Things Up

Discover the building blocks of spicy Goan cuisine with a trip to Dudhsagar Plantation in Karmane to see how popular Indian spices like cardamom and pepper are grown. This tour will also give you a preview into the cultivation of plants for Ayurveda (a South Indian form of traditional medicine) as well.

Indian pork curry in a creamy sauce served with naan bread, salad, and rice

Goa, India Pork Curry

Local Cuisine

The small state of Goa is home to one of Indian cuisine's biggest hits: spicy vindaloo curry, flavored with vinegar, red chili peppers and ginger and best enjoyed with tender chunks of pork or fresh local prawns. During your India cruise, stop into one of the local operations on the beach, particularly if you want to try Goa's famous shrimp.

Various spice selection in the spice market in Goa, India

Goa, India Spice Market


Goa offers a number of traditional handicrafts, which make for perfect India souvenirs. Watch the goldsmiths in action at Mapusa Municipal Market, or visit Aparant Handicraft Emporia in Margao to browse an impressive collection of Goan lacquerware. If you want to bring the flavors of Goa home, take advantage of bountiful spice shops on every beach and in every market.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Because of road conditions, travel times can be longer than expected, so plan accordingly.
2 If you're looking for a quieter experience on Palolem Beach, head to its north end, where the crowds are thinner and the waves are calmer.

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