At the edge of the Athirapally Waterfall in Kerala, with a stunning view of the surrounding jungle and mountains in Cochin, India

Cruise to Cochin, India

Kerala is the talk of the town when it comes to travel in India, and the city of Cochin gives you a glimpse into why people love the state so much. Walk the streets of Cochin Fort — here, you'll find the St. Francis Church, India's oldest colonial-built place of worship, as well as bustling Princess Street, with its colorful architecture displaying Dutch, Portuguese and British influence. See the Chinese fishing nets at the bay, purportedly brought here in the 14th century by emissaries of emperor Kublai Khan. Cruise to Cochin and explore the ornate Paradesi Synagogue and learn more about Kerala's historic Jewish community, or feast on a paratha flatbread at a local eatery.
National Language Hindi, English
Currency Accepted Indian Rupee (INR)

Things To Do in Cochin

Old white Church in Cochin, India

Cochin, India Old Church

Multicultural Roots

Multicultural Roots

Although you will find a physical fort in Cochin's Old Town, it's what's inside the walls that's the most impressive. Admire the colorful storefronts of Princess Street, stroll around the well-kept grounds of St. Francis Church, or visit the Paradesi Synagogue in Jewish Town, which provides a fascinating look into the Jewish heritage of Kerala.

Chinese fishing nets hanging over the ocean in Cochin, India

Cochin, India Chinese Fishing Nets

Caught in a Net

Caught in a Net

Another photogenic Cochin attraction is the so-called Chinese Fishing Nets, which are the same types of devices Chinese fishermen have been using here for centuries. These exist all over Kerala, but the ones on the northern end of Fort Cochin are particularly stunning, especially at sunset.

Woman getting ayurvedic treatment Shirodara with hot oil pouring on a forehead

Cochin, India Ayurvedic Treatment

Get an Ayurvedic Treatment

Kerala is famous for Ayurveda, and Old Cochin boasts dozens of parlors where you can sample this traditional Indian health method. Whether you get a relaxing massage using fragrant locally sourced oil or a reflexology treatment, Ayurveda is as enjoyable for people curious about alternative medicine as it is for tried-and-true naturopaths.

Crab masala served with jasmin rice in Cochin, India

Cochin, India Crab Masala

Local Cuisine

Cochin is one of Kerala's best spots for traditional South Indian fare. Cruise to India and be sure to stop in a local seafood restaurant near the Chinese Fishing Nets. Try zesty Crab Masala, which pairs locally caught whole crabs with India's most famous spice blend. Sample appams, a fluffy pancake made from fermented rice, or head to ultra-popular Dal Roti for kathi rolls, a paratha flatbread wrapped around skewer-roasted meat.

Colorful incense sticks found in the markets of Cochin, India

Cochin, India Incense Sticks


Whether or not you have a chance to get an Ayurvedic treatment, you can take home a piece of this culture treasure during your India cruise. Shops along Princess Street not only sell oils used in Ayurvedic massage, such as romantic rose and sensual sandalwood, as well as handmade incense sticks that will make your home smell like the streets of Cochin.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Cochin is completely walkable, but a cycle rickshaw is a scenic way to take in the Old Town. Haggling is expected, and drivers always quote you a high rate to begin with, so don't be afraid to talk them down.
2 Travel agencies in Cochin advertise half-day trips to outlying attractions like the Kerala Backwaters and Munnar Hill Country, but be up-front about your cruise departure time with the agent to make sure you don't miss your ship.

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