An old historical building in Chan May, Vietnam

Cruise to Hue/Danang (Chan May), Vietnam

When you arrive at Chan May Port, you'll have Vietnam's imperial history and natural splendor at your fingertips. As you travel through the countryside near the port, you'll see fields of grazing water buffalo and lagoons overlooked by misty mountains. But you'll want to spend your day exploring one of the two nearby cities: Hue and Danang. About 80 minutes north of the port, Hue was Vietnam's capital city until 1945: Experience the country's imperial past at the moat-surrounded citadel of Hue Imperial City, or see the Khai Dinh Tomb, an emperor's resting place high up in the mountains. Cruise to Chan May, Vietnam and head one hour south to Danag: Relax on white-sand My Khe Beach, or hike up the Marble Mountains dotted with Buddhist temples.
National Language Vietnamese
Currency Accepted Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Things To Do in Hue/Danang (Chan May)

Entrance of the citadel at the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Citadel World Heritage Site

City Citadel

City Citadel

The last emperor of Vietnam gave up his throne for Ho Chi Minh's communist government in 1945. Since 1802, his family ruled the country from Hue, and you can visit what remains of the Imperial Citadel. It's being restored after damage by the French in 1947 and the Americans in the 1968 Tet Offensive. The city's imposing gates, halls and moat give a peek into imperial life of old.

Statues of warriors in Imperial Khai Dinh Tomb in Hue, Vietnam

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Statues of Warriors

Emperors of Old

Emperors of Old

In Hue, you can find the ancient tombs of the emperors along the Perfume River. The tomb of Tu Duc was designed to be used by the emperor when he was still alive, as well as after death. You'll see pavilions, elephant statues, thrones and other royal artifacts. Or head to Khai Dinh Tomb, with its European-influenced design inspired by Khai Dinh's travels to France.

A majestic giant white buddha at Danang, Vietnam

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Majestic Giant White Buddha

Guardians of Danang

In Danang, visit China Beach for a swim or a walk. You'll see Lady Buddha, Vietnam's tallest statue, guarding over the city and its fishermen at the Son Tra Linh Ungh pagoda. Cruise to Vietnam to get up close to Danang's guardian dragon by walking across the Dragon Bridge — it breathes fire and water on Saturday and Sunday nights.

Vietnamese Pho with spicy Sriracha and chopsticks

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Vietnamese Pho

Local Cuisine

Banh beo is a traditional dish in both Danang and Hue — these steamed rice cakes are served in small bowls and topped with shrimp, mung bean paste and scallions. Dip them in salty fish sauce. Or seek out banh khaoi, a crispy crepe stuffed with savory pork belly and shrimp.

Traditional bamboo hats are common souvenirs while shopping in Vietnam

Hue, Danang, Chan May, Vietnam Bamboo Hats


Conical Vietnamese hats, called non bai tho, are available all over Vietnam. In Hue, hat makers often put poems and drawings of the city inside the hat. Hold the hat up to the light to see it. You might wear the hat while on holiday; it makes a nice wall-hanging at home.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Look for fair-trade shops, where sales help families in need and nonprofit charities.
2 When shopping, focus on handmade local items — most luxury brands you find from street vendors aren't the real deal.

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