Beautiful sea view of the coast in Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Cruise to Nha Trang (Cam Ranh), Vietnam

Loved by in-the-know travelers for its stunning beaches, sprawling Cam Ranh is a working city, with fishing boats and seafood farms in its deep-water harbor and nearby military and naval bases. Cruise to Vietnam and wander around the waterfront to see everyday workers on their boats in the port. Then, go south to relax on some of Vietnam's best beaches. Join the party at vibrant Nha Trang Beach, with its warm blue waters backdropped by mountain ridges. Or rent a motorbike to escape the crowds and enjoy a calm day at Bai Dai Beach — grab a surfboard and ride the crystal-clear waves. Alternatively, you can take the 10-minute ferry ride to Binh Hung Island and discover a near-private ocean paradise.
National Language Vietnamese
Currency Accepted Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Things To Do in Nha Trang (Cam Ranh)

The Bai Dai beach will large rocks on the shore in Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Beach Bai Dai

Get Beached

Get Beached

Cam Ranh has unspoiled beaches south of the city with clear turquoise waters, warm all year round. The pale sand of Binh Tien beach is a local favorite, though many unnamed beaches are just as pretty. If you prefer a bit of service with your sand, opt to pay the entrance fee for the beach at Ngoc Suong Yen Bay Resort. The water is calm and the sand golden along this small cove; meals can be had on the resort's wooden jetty.

Colorful earth tone coral reefs in shallow water in Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Coral Reefs

Dive Down Deep

Dive Down Deep

Scuba diving is excellent off of Cam Ranh, and there are several dive operators in the area. Vsit the protected Hon Mun Island or another reef to see sea stars, morays, sea fans and more colorful fish than you can name. Hin Mun is named for the ebony-like black stone cliffs prominent on the island ("mun" means ebony). Birds nest along them and in the island's caves.

Rice fields and mountains in Cam Ranh, Vietnam

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Rice Fields

Ride the Coast

Many claim the Vinh Hy-Binh Tien Pass as one of the most stunning roads along coastal Southeast Asia. The 10-mile road hugs the coast for views of the sparkling sea. Jump onboard a Vietnam cruise to drive over canyons and past dry forests; be sure to take a photo stop from the peak of Chua Mountain. Make stops to admire the beaches and the Nui Chua National Park forests that line this route. There are several scenic points along the way to stop for seaside photos.

Banh Canh, one of most popular soup noodle in the seaside area with rice noodle, grilled fish, green onion and fish sauce

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Rice Noodles Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Cam Ranh's specialty is banh canh, a soup with thick rice noodles served with a fish cake. Seafood lovers will enjoy the lobster, squid, clams and prawns at Cau Moi. They're sold by weight, and you can have them prepared as you wish; bring a written translation, or be prepared to point and act out your order.

Ethnic silk wraps in different colors found in the villages of Vietnam

Cam Ranh, Vietnam Silk Wraps


Cam Ranh isn't a shopping destination, but you can find souvenirs and silk cheaper here than in places that see more tourists. Cruise to Vietnam and look for colorful silk wraps that you can use to cover your shoulders and knees in sacred spaces or simply as a fashionable scarf when you get home.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 There isn't a lot of English spoken here; be prepared for hand signals and smiles to communicate.
2 It's always wise to ensure your taxi uses the meter.

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