Beautiful and exotic white sand beach in Bali, Indonesia

Cruise to Benoa, Bali

When you arrive at Benoa, it's like hitting the Bali jackpot: You get all the beauty of this exotic location in a quiet, uncrowded setting where you can really soak it all in. Cruise to Bali and head to the beaches at Nusa Dua, with their golden sands and rocky cliff sides, or head out on a kayak in the calm waves of Tanung Benoa. Explore the Coa Eng Bio Chinese temple, a Buddhist holy site where you can see a dragon boat sculpture and the intricately decorated pagoda. Get to know the aquatic wildlife at the Bali Turtle Conservatory, or paddle through the lush greenery of the quiet, secluded Mangrove Forest.
National Language Indonesian
Currency Accepted Indonesian Rupiah (IDR)

Things To Do in Benoa

View of the Nusa Dua Beach on a sunny day in Bali, Indonesia

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia Nusa Dua Beach

Beach Bali

Beach Bali

The beaches at Nusa Dua are known for being some of Bali's cleanest and most beautiful, as well as its least crowded. Relax in the white sands at Pantai Geger — the water temperatures here are among Bali's warmest. Then, take the boat out to Turtle Island, where you can see the area's cutest aquatic animals in a protected conservation area.

Uluwatu Temple Pura Luhur in Bali, Indonesia

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia Temple

Say Your Prayers

Say Your Prayers

You don't need to be religious to feel divine upon arriving at Uluwatu Temple, a famous oceanside Hindu shrine that's only a short drive from Benoa. Gawk at the scenic views you enjoy from the top, or make friends with the mischievous monkeys who call the temple grounds home.

A sculpture depicting Indonesian history in a local Bali art museum

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia Sculpture Museum

Learn Local Culture

Speaking of Balinese heritage, stopping in Benoa also puts you in easy reach of the Pasifika Museum with your Bali cruise. Here, you can discover artwork both from renowned local Balinese artists and notable European immigrants, as well as historical artifacts from the greater South Pacific region.

Traditional Seafood Satay and Rice in Bali, Indonesia

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia Cuisine

Local Cuisine

Hindu Bali is notable as the only island of an otherwise Muslim Indonesia. That means that pork is served, and Babi Guling — whole roasted pig, Balinese-style — is the traditional preparation. But other great eats aren't far away, either. Try satay, grilled meat skewered and served with an accompanying sauce: Seafood versions like prawns are popular here. Vegetarians can enjoy tofu dishes or sayur mesanten, veggies braised in coconut milk.

Traditional henna and arts on the crafts in Bali, Indonesia

Benoa, Bali, Indonesia Henna


Benoa doesn't have a central shopping area, so you'll need to visit the gift shops of local hotels for the best souvenir shopping. Popular choices include Melia Bali and the Goodway Hotel, where you can buy colorful Batik fabric or traditional Balinese incense during your Bali cruise.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Don't underestimate the size of Bali. While destinations like Kuta and Ubud appear to be close to Benoa, unpredictable driving conditions mean it's best to stay relatively closeby.
2 Be careful when converting local currency amounts. Think of each 10,000 rupiah note as a $1 bill (even though it's slightly less valuable) to avoid getting confused by large denominations.

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