The Taichung, Taiwan skyline

Cruise to Taichung, Taiwan

Looking to get off the beaten path in Taiwan? Look no further than Taichung — this up-and-coming city is a sensory rush of sights, smells and sounds. Visit bright Rainbow Village, a neighborhood once marked for demolition where a local artist and ex-solider decided to paint every available surface with the full spectrum of colors. Then, grab a pearl milk tea — a local specialty of sweetened tea with chewy tapioca balls — and take a stroll through the Japanese-style pavilion at Taichung Park. Cruise to Taichung and make your way to the Fantasy Story neighborhood and stylish stores located in old-school shop houses, where you can get everything from an English afternoon tea to artisan jewelry.
National Language Mandarin
Currency Accepted New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)

Things To Do in Taichung

Painted walls of the Rainbow Village in Taiwan, China

Taichung, Taiwan, Rainbow Village

Travel in Color

Travel in Color

Hop into a taxi and 15 minutes later come face-to-face with an explosion of bright, vivid colors when you step into the Rainbow Village. Hand-painted by a former military soldier when the houses were facing demolition, the Rainbow Village has now become a protected attraction in Taichung. Visit in the morning and see if you can spot the grandfather of the Rainbow Village wandering around the property.

The Hall of Large Flowers in Taiwan, China

Taichung, Taiwan, Hall of Large Flowers

Mind Your Mansions

Mind Your Mansions

Journey back into history and explore the Wufeng Lin Family Mansion. The largest, finest and most complete traditional compound in all Taiwan is worth the price tag if you're a history or architecture buff. Or head to the Lin Family Gardens next door, which is free to enter and has several traditional buildings and exhibits to see.

A woman drinking pearl milk tea

Taichung, Taiwan, Woman drinking pearl milk tea

Teaming with Taste

Bubble, or Boba Tea, originated in the early 1980s right in Taichung at the Chun Shui Tang Cultural Tea House. Instead of simply visiting the shop and ordering this refreshing beverage, why not learn how to make it yourself? Join a DIY workshop and learn how to make both Boba Tea and Pearl Milk Tea. Add the ingredients together, and shake your way to a tasty drink.

Braised pork on rice

Taichung, Taiwan, Braised pork on rice

Local Cuisine

Head to one of Taichung's street markets to sample Taiwanese staples like braised minced pork over rice. You can also find quirky takes on international indulgence, like the tender beef and French fries topped with melty cheese and served in a soda cup at Overlord. If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Miyahara — this dessert shop serves up interesting flavors of ice cream like dragon fruit, lavender tea and any type of chocolate you want.

Leather purses with painted animals at a Taiwan street market

Taichung, Taiwan, Leather purses with painted animals


Taichung has many markets great for shopping. Cruise to Taichung and start at Jingming 1st Street Market for boutique-style stores, food and more. Or head to Tung Hai Arts Street to pick up handmade crafts and vintage accessories to bring home as souvenirs — cute leather pouches painted with animals are a popular trinket. Head to the Fenguan neighborhood for traditional lacquerware — it's known as one of Taiwan's best spots for traditional lacquered items.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Use Uber if you can't walk to the place you want to go to. It's easier because you won't have to say the address in Chinese.
2 Check the opening times for museums — they often change, so it's good to know ahead of time.

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