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What should I pack in my bag to bring ashore for Perfect Day at CocoCay?


You’ll find Perfect Day at CocoCay has many amenities available, but here are some things that would be convenient to have on hand.

SeaPass card and cash

You’ll need your SeaPass card to exit and re-board the ship. It’s also how you’ll pay for things on the island. Please note, there’s also an island market with local Bahamian crafts, where items can be charged with your SeaPass card (until 2:30 p.m.) and cash (USD) is always accepted.


Beach towels are available onboard your ship, and can be brought onto the island, which you can refresh throughout the day as desired, at one of two towel stations. Since beach towels are provided onboard based on a check-out/check-in system, you should bring your towels back to the ship with you. Guests who have rented cabanas will have towels at the cabana and may leave the towels there upon departure.

Sun protection

Perfect Day at CocoCay offers complimentary umbrellas and shade structures in many places, but The Bahamas' sun can still be intense. Bring sun protection gear like hats, sunglasses, rashguards or other types of UPF clothing, and sunscreen. There are a lot of water features at Perfect Day at CocoCay, so be sure to reapply sunscreen often.

Proper footwear

Don’t forget proper shoes if you’re planning to ride the Zip Line at Perfect Day at CocoCay. Your shoes must have a closed toe area and be secured around the back of your foot as well. Sneakers or enclosed water shoes are great options.

Bug repellent

Depending on the time of year and time of day, there may be mosquitos, flies or other insects in some areas of the island.


Bring any prescription medications you may rely on. There are medical facilities on the island, but they may not have your specific medications on hand.

Supplies for baby

Don’t forget bottles and formula, diapers and swim diapers, wipes and sun protection gear for babies and tots.

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