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Where is the Port of Haifa?


Haifa Port, Passenger Terminal, Haifa, Israel


Royal Caribbean Directions to Haifa Cruise Terminal:

Driving directions from Ben Gurion Airport: 

  • Take Rout 1 from Derekh ha-Mamri’im and Ha Teufa Blvd.
  • Exit to Ayalon hwy / Route 20 and hwy 2 / Kvish HaHof to HaHagana Ave / Rout 4 to Haifa
  • Continue on HaHagana Ave / Route 4 to Haifa Port

Public Transportation to Haifa Cruise Terminal:

  • Take the train to Haifa Port
  • Stop at HaShmona Train Station

Other Important Information:

  • Embarking guests should be dropped off at the upper level of the terminal.
  • Embarking Guests should not arrive to the terminal ahead of their scheduled arrival time, as there is no seating available and limited space.

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