Glacier view in Cape Horn, Chile
Chile's Final Frontier

Kryssa till Cape Horn (Cruising), Chile

There are few more mysterious excursions than a cruise through the Cape Horn archipelago, which marks the southern end of Chile's maritime territory. After passing through the infamously rough waters where the Atlantic and Pacific oceans meet, you pass Hornos Island, where a small but spectacular constellation of attractions and experiences await. Once you finish sailing past the island's various viewpoints, and memorials to explorers and mariners who've perished in the adjacent waters, keep an eye out for magnificent wildlife on the beaches below or in the skies above. You'll primarily be waving at animal friends as your ship nears the coasts of the island, but you might be lucky enough to greet the lone Chilean family that calls this island home.

Things To Do in Cape Horn (Cruising)

Hornos Island in Cape Horn, Chile
Hornos Island in Cape Horn, Chile

Take in Chile's Southernmost View

Enjoy the ride past Hornos Island, then marvel at the rugged coastlines that define this isolated idyll. Get the "money shot" as the captain signifies you're passing Cape Horn itself, and zoom in on the Chilean Naval Station, a humble wooden structure that's home to a picturesque lighthouse. Cruising amid these isolated straits definitely makes you feel like you're at the end of the world!

Rockhopper penguins in Cape Horn, Chile
Rockhopper penguins in Cape Horn, Chile

Set Your Sights on Local Wildlife

Speaking of birds, you can also see rockhopper penguins when you look down on Hornos Island's beaches, and you may see an albatross when you look up. Search for humpback whales when you look down off the dock, ideally during lulls when the water is not so rough. Then, try to spot sea lions lazing on the rocks — their mousy color often camouflages them — or consider bringing binoculars if you hope to be able to see king crabs from afar. Searching for wildlife is one of the best things to do in Cape Horn, Chile.

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