City in Estonia, Baltic Sea
City in Estonia, Baltic Sea


Medieval architecture, modern sensibilities and icy beauty await in Scandinavia and the Baltics.

In the countries around the Baltic Sea, you can expect vast forests, turquoise lakes, breathtaking fjords and fascinating cities. Explore Stockholm, the stylish and green Swedish capital, with its acres of parks and its medieval center, Gamla Stan. Bike through the streets of Copenhagen, Denmark, and hop on an urban roller coaster in Tivoli Gardens. Stroll around Helsinki's bustling market square, surrounded by graceful 19th-century buildings. Head to Tallinn, Estonia, to enjoy its lively cafes, galleries and medieval heritage.

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Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle
Northern Lights in the Arctic Circle

Wonders of the North

The Baltic Sea and Scandinavia are alive with vibrant landscapes to explore. Sail past Norway's majestic fjords, witness the Northern Lights for yourself, or seek out hidden waterfalls in Estonia.  

Natural Night Light

You might get the chance to see wisps of green, yellow, red and violet above the horizon during your vacation. The stunning Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, are a once-in-a-lifetime experience that every admirer of nature should get to see.


Experience the lively and fun atmosphere in Scandinavia during the Midnight Sun, when the sun remains above the horizon for most of the "day." Make like a local in Helsinki and head out to dinner at midnight in what feels like noon light.

Picture-Perfect Panoramas

Put on your walking shoes and go hiking around one of the port cities and admire the wild landscape of the North. Trek through part of Norway's Discovery Route, which runs from Stavanger to Bergen, and see snow-capped mountains towering over pristine fjords and thunderous waterfalls.

bergen norway colorful houses
bergen norway colorful houses

Baltic Beauty

The cities and towns of Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea are full of modern sensibility and medieval heritage. Explore Gothic town squares in Tallinn and Stockholm, journey down quiet canals and cafe-lined lanes in Amsterdam, or hang out with the locals in a Helsinki hot spot.  

Voyage to the Middle Ages

Stroll along the cobblestone streets in old Baltic Sea towns with their charming medieval architecture. Check out the Old Aker Church, the oldest still-standing building in Oslo, dating back to 1150. Head to the UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Town in Tallinn, Estonia, and see Gothic buildings like the Town Hall and the Dome Church.

Canals and Alleys

Get to know Amsterdam with a cruise on its UNESCO-listed canal belt, dating back to the 17th century. Once you're back on land, do some shopping along the city's De Negen Straatjes ("The Nine Streets"): These quaint, cobblestoned lanes are lined with independent and vintage shops selling everything from fashion to home goods.

Helsinki of a Good Time

Immerse yourself in good times in Helsinki, Finland's fun-loving and historic urban center. Hike up the steps to the Helsinki Cathedral with its distinctive green dome, or get your thrills at Linnanmaki, the city's urban amusement park with the country's highest and fastest roller coasters.

Northern Lights Tours Northern Europe
Northern Lights Tours Northern Europe

Natural beauty and stylish cities
beckon you to cruise the Baltic Sea

Admire Norway's impressive fjords surrounded by mountains, explore Scandinavia's medieval past, treat yourself to New Nordic cuisine, or go shopping for Swedish design.

Set Sail to Scandinavia

Take a Scandinavian cruise for an immersive experience in the region's culture and landscape. Learn about the Vikings in the Viking Ship Museum in Oslo, meander down canals of colorful houses in Copenhagen, and relish in impressionist art at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.

Broaden Your Horizons North

Sail to Northern Europe and for a broader range of adventures in the Baltic. From the awe inspiring Fjords of Geiranger, to the modernist cityscape of Hamburg, Germany, you'll get a chance to dig into the region's natural and urban excitement.



Know your currencies in Northern Europe: Finland, Latvia and Estonia use the Euro, Denmark the Danish krone, Norway the Norwegian krone and Sweden the Swedish krona.


Bring a good insect repellent in summer and sunglasses for the never-setting summer sun.


Saunas are a favorite winter-time activity. Keep an eye out for one to enjoy on your next cruise.


The high-end gourmet New Nordic cuisine has become a hit in recent years, starting with a culinary revolution in Copenhagen with young, forward-thinking chefs serving deconstructed takes on traditional tastes and indigenous ingredients. Whether you go high-brow or traditional, Northern European food is sure to comfort and delight.

Catch a Cold-Water Fish

High-quality fish from the cold waters of the Arctic and Baltic Seas are integral to the region's cuisine. The most popular type of fish is herring, which is served in soups and fillets. Don't miss the chance to try a delicious haddock soup, with a creamy broth and plenty of hearty leeks and potatoes.

Cured for Hunger

For a tasty lunch in Denmark, you won't have to look far to get a smorrebrod, an open-face sandwich served on one slice of bread rather than two. Sink your teeth into dark-brown, hearty rye bread with savory slices of cured ham or smoked salmon, with horseradish for an added kick.

Scandinavian Sweets

Enjoy one of the many Scandinavian pastries or desserts: Try Sweden's gooey chocolate cake kladdkaka and the Norwegian cinnamon bun kanelboller. Keep an eye out for ice cream flavored with cloudberries, a local wild berry with a slightly tart bite and a floral sweetness.

Related Ports

Immerse yourself in the diverse cultures of Nordic cities such as Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Head further east to the architectural wonders of Tallinn, Estonia or get cultural in the museums and concert halls of Riga, Latvia. Be amazed by the natural wonders at the Arctic Circle, or go for some fjord-land hiking in Flam, Norway.

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