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Kryssning till Maloy, Norway

Known for its scenic lighthouses and beautiful natural landscapes, Maloy is a small town on the island of Vagsoy. It’s also a major fishing port in Norway and a seafood lover’s paradise where you can sample local delicacies like fish soup and fresh cod and chips. Some of the best things to do on a cruise to Maloy include going for swim in Refviksanden Beach, one of Norway’s best beaches. Traveling back in time at the Maloy Raid Center, a history museum that retells the strategic role that the town played during World War II. And visiting the famous Kannesteinen rock shaped by the ocean over thousands of years. Does it resemble a 10-foot mushroom or the tail of a whale — you decide.
Regionalt språk Norwegian
Godkänd valuta Norwegian Krone (NOK)

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