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Covering more than 3 million square miles of lush rainforests, soaring mountains and ancient glaciers, Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve is the heart of the Alaskan countryside. From the glassy waters of the Lituya Bay fjord and to the towering walls of ice of Margerie and Johns Hopkins Glaciers, the views are incomparable here. Watch for whales as they breach the turquoise waters, keep an eye out for grazing moose on the coastal edges or spot bears fishing from the shore. Keep your camera at the ready for pics of imposing peaks like Mount Fairweather and Mount Barnard that backdrop the oceanic beauty.

Things To Do In Glacier Bay

Whale Diving in the Ocean
Whale Diving in the Ocean

Witness the Wild

From the land to the seas and skies, Glacier Bay is home to a wide array of wildlife. Keep your binoculars handy and your eyes peeled for seals floating on ice flows, whales splashing in the water and bears trolling the shores.

Alaska Glacier Bay National Park Mountains
Alaska Glacier Bay National Park Mountains

Grab the Camera

Because you'll be surrounded by towering icy blue glacial walls and roaming wildlife, you may not know where to point your camera in Glacier Bay. Be on the lookout for Margerie Glacier, with its icy-blue appearance as it reflects the waters of the inlet, and Johns Hopkins Glacier, backdropped by impressive, ice-capped mountain ridges. Be sure to catch a shot of the gray skies surrounding the glaciers, as they can really make the ice pop.

Puffin Enjoying an Ocean Dip
Puffin Enjoying an Ocean Dip

A Birder's Paradise

If you're a birdwatcher, be sure to keep your field guide and lists handy. Glacier Bay is home to more than 274 species birds, so you'll be sure to spot some fantastic flyers. As you pass by Bartlett Cove, keep and eye out for cute tufted puffins and ruby-crowned kinglets — although they're small, you can spot them by the bright-red feathers that top their heads.

1 The wind can pick up quickly around glaciers, so be prepared with warm layers while you are out on deck.
2 To get a good look at baby seals and breaching whales, have your telephoto lens or binoculars ready when glacier viewing.

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