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Kreuzfahrt nach Gerlache Strait (Cruising), Antarctica

Cruises to Gerlache Strait, Antarctica will take you to one of the world's final frontiers. This icy wonderland is named after explorer Adrien de Gerlache, who studied the area in 1898 as part of the Belgian Antarctic Expedition aboard the ship Belgica. The Gerlache Strait is a remote point on the Antarctic Peninsula that is home to humpback whales, seabirds, penguins and seals. You'll feel the cold air rushing past your face as you witness a sensory overload of snow-covered beauty, beaming with vistas of translucent icebergs, white mountains and a deep blue sea. Take your best camera with you to capture all the beauty, and take advantage of the expeditions available to you.

Things To Do in Gerlache Strait (Cruising)

: Keep your eyes peeled for the eerie ghost ship.
: Keep your eyes peeled for the eerie ghost ship.

Silent Witness

There's a ghost ship in the Gerlache Strait, the wreck of the whaling vessel Gouvernoren. Back in 1916, the ship caught fire and then sank in the once-busy hunting ground. You can see the ship poking out of the freezing waters in the harbor, so keep an eye out for that slice of history and photo opportunity.

Catch a glimpse of the world of penguins.
Catch a glimpse of the world of penguins.

Count the Penguins

The great stars of the Gerlache Strait are the penguins. Although this is one of the harshest environments on Earth, these unique animals thrive here, and you can get a glimpse into their world. As you traverse the habitats of these interesting creatures, pay attention to how they move, what they build and how they interact with each other. It's one of the best things to do in Gerlache Strait, Antarctica.

Look up at the untamed beauty of these mountains.
Look up at the untamed beauty of these mountains.

Look Up!

As you sail the waters of the strait looking out for wildlife, remember to also look up to spot the far-off mountains. You will find that some of them have transparent ice walls, glacial spouts and craggy cliffs. It's an untamed land of beautiful scenery.

1 Make sure to have the proper attire for the change in weather. One good way to prepare is to pack a lot of layers.
2 Find a good spot on the ship where you can sit down with a hot drink and get cozy as you sail past icebergs, whales and penguins.

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