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How can I check in for my sailing and complete the Health Questionnaire before boarding? I can't seem to access the Royal Caribbean app.


At this time, the Royal Caribbean app isn’t available for guests sailing on Wonder of the SeasSM out of Rome. As a result, these are some changes to your check-in process and onboard experience:

  • The wellness screening and Health Questionnaire will be completed at check-in, so please arrive to the terminal at the arrival time that’s printed on your SetSail Pass
  •  Your safety briefing will be conducted once you make it onboard the ship — our staff will direct you to your assembly station to complete the safety briefing
  • You can reserve shows and make your dining reservations once you’re onboard via your stateroom phone
  • Activities will be published in the Cruise Compass delivered to your stateroom daily
  • We'll provide you with printed menus at all our dining venues instead of QR codes.

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