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What happens if I get sick onboard a cruise ship? How can I request my onboard medical records?


If any of our guests or crew members ever feel unwell during their sailing, they can be immediately evaluated by medical staff, with an in-stateroom visit or by video tele-consultation. A multitude of evaluative tests can be conducted right onboard in our medical lab. This is just one capability of our enhanced Medical Center.

In the interest of public health onboard, isolation and/or quarantine may be required to prevent exposure to people who have or may have any kind of infectious disease. A guest that is diagnosed as having an infectious disease by a member of our medical staff onboard will need to isolate onboard for a period of time — either until they can be safely disembarked at a port of call with private transport home, or when the sailing concludes back at the home port where it started. Those guests who meet the threshold to be deemed a close contact will need to meet necessary quarantine and/or testing requirements based on their vaccination status.

Guests who must isolate due to an infectious disease diagnosis will remain in their stateroom or be moved to a stateroom near the medical center where medical staff and Guest Services will check on them regularly, depending on availability. Complimentary amenities including room service and WiFi will be provided.

If you have been treated onboard, and need to request your medical records, please fill out the request form.

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