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The Royal Genie will stay in contact with their Star guest(s) and provide services when needed.  As even Royal Genies require rest to recharge their magical powers, after hours calls may be redirected to another member of the team.
Guests are not able to choose a preferred Royal Genie. However, you can rest assured that every Royal Genie is phenomenal and ready to make your vacation an unforgettable one.
This amenity is only available for guests booked in a Star suite and services will not be extended to other guests not residing in a Star suite.
The Royal Genie does not accompany their Star guest(s) on their planned shore excursion. If requested, the Royal Genie may escort guests off the ship, but while guests are enjoying their time in port, the Royal Genie is busy making sure that all thei...
Yes, Royal Suite Class guests are welcome to plan a cocktail party in their suite with their family and friends. The Royal Genie (for Star guests), Concierge (for Sky guests) and Guest Services (for Sea guests) can help arrange such experiences onboa...

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