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As of November 11, 2023*, the automatic service gratuity of $18.00 USD per person, per day for guests in non-suites staterooms and Junior Suite, or $20.50 USD per person, per day for guests in Suites, will be applied to each guest’s SeaPass account o...
Yes, there is a spa on all Royal Caribbean cruise ships. The spa offers the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. There are over 100+ treatments available*.  Categories include: Signature Treatments Facial Treatments Massage Therapies Detox Wraps and Bo...
為提升水療體驗、協助賓客找出想嘗試的護理療程,「招牌護理」類別雲集了水療中心內最具人氣的療程。  在招牌護理環節中,你將可獲享最熱門的美容、護體等療程。
請在 www.timetospa.com 提出退還船上所購水療產品的要求。
可以,惟請務必於原定預訂時段前 24 小時內更改,方可免除延遲取消費用。
YSPA is a special spa menu for our guests ages 13 to 17 that offers a choice of massages, facials, hair and treatments, as well as “Fitness Frenzy” classes. Parental Consent - All teens must have their parent's consent before receiving treatments. A ...
家長同意 - 青少年接受療程前,必須先徵得家長同意。家長或監護人必須為青少年簽署客戶咨詢表格,確認同意。  18 歲以下賓客 - 18 歲以下賓客如欲享用按摩服務,療程期間一概須穿著泳衣。 家長監察 - 所有青少年 Y 水療項目都會由女性護理師負責。如賓客未滿 16 歲,家長或監護人必須在場,陪同青少年於私人廂房中接受護理。 限制規定 - 青少年賓客只可享用青少年/ YSPA 菜單上列出的護理療程,不得更改菜單項目。青少年賓客亦不得進入桑拿或蒸氣浴室。  瘋狂健身課程 - 所有「瘋狂健身」課程都...
賓客請查看「航程安排」,一覽水療服務最新供應情況及可選時段。 登船當日,賓客可於登船後前往水療中心,查看所有可用時段。 
遊輪上有過百款護理服務*。  類別如下: 招牌護理 面部護理 按摩療程 排毒包膜及身體療程 針灸 Medi 水療化妝服務 牙齒美白 男賓服務 健身服務 美髮服務 美甲服務 YSPA 青少年服務 休息區 * 護理與服務因遊輪而異。 
療程原價不包含小費,並將於零售價上另加 18% 作為小費。
Yes, there is a fitness center onboard all Royal Caribbean cruise ships. Each state-of-the-art fitness center offers the latest fitness equipment, as well as fitness classes and personal training. Guests must be 16 years and over to use the fitness c...
Guests must be 16 years and over to use the fitness center.
The fitness center in generally open from 6am to midnight. Hours may vary by ship and sail date. Check the Cruise Compass once onboard for exact times. 
Yes, we offer all the latest classes, from Pilates to spinning to kickboxing for all levels, including: Aerobics in Motion, Shape up - Step up, Pathway to Yoga, Wheels in Motion and many more! * Fees apply. Classes may differ by ship and sailing.
Yes, personal training is offered on all ships. Please check with the Fitness Center staff for availability and pricing.
Our fitness center has all the equipment and facilities that major sports clubs do: weight machines, free weights, stationary spin bikes, stair steppers, treadmills, sauna, whirlpool, steam room, and thermal suites. Plus sweeping ocean views that ext...
A jogging/running track is found on each Royal Caribbean ship. Location and track size may vary on each ship.
Fitness Classes cannot be reserved before your cruise. Once onboard, please check with the Fitness Center staff for class and time information.  * Fees apply. Classes may differ by ship and sailing.
The Ultimate Class Pass offers unlimited access to fitness classes including Yoga, Pilates and Indoor Cycling. Pricing varies by length of the package. Guests may purchase the Ultimate Class Pass using Cruise Planner and sign up for specific classes ...

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