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Are any itineraries being affected by Hurricane Florence?


Are any itineraries being affected by Hurricane Florence?

Yes, we have modified the itinerary of Grandeur of the Seas’ September 8th & September 13th cruises to avoid the path of Hurricane Florence. Our #1 priority is the safety of our guests and crew. We continue to closely monitor Hurricane Florence’s trajectory, speed, and size. The current changes are outlined below.

September 8th cruise: The ship will remain in Port Canaveral, Florida until Friday, September 14th, then make its way to Baltimore, Maryland. The ship will return to port on Sunday, September 16th.

September 13th cruise: The ship will set sail from Baltimore, Maryland on Monday, September 17th at 2 PM EST. Grandeur will arrive and overnight in Halifax, Nova Scotia on Wednesday, September 19th, and set sail on Thursday, September 20th, at 8:30 AM back to Baltimore, arriving on Saturday, September 22nd.


I want to get off the ship in Port Canaveral, Florida. How can I go about this? 

We’ll be happy to help with your arrangements, however, please know, we will not be covering any travel expenses, as we will be getting all of our guests back to our original port of embarkation.


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