Multiple Pieces of Ice Floating through the Sea, Arctic Circle

Cruise to Arctic Circle (Cruising), Norway

Looking for adventure in an out-of-the-ordinary destination with immense, raw beauty? Welcome to the Arctic Circle, the most northern of the five major circles of latitude. At the very top of Europe, you'll find broad horizons, dense forests, snow-capped mountains and the sound of thousands of seabirds. Dress warmly and explore the remote region around the North Pole. Marvel at the Northern Lights, filling the sky with green, yellow, red and violet above the horizon. Jump onboard an Arctic cruise and admire the colourful wooden houses, meet interesting people, experience the Midnight Sun or the Polar Night, and take a peek at the Arctic wildlife.

Things To Do in Arctic Circle (Cruising)

View of the Northern Lights, Arctic Circle
View of the Northern Lights, Arctic Circle

Northern Marvel

The Northern Lights appear most frequently in late autumn, winter and early spring. You'll see wisps of green, red, yellow and violet fill the sky – it's an overwhelming experience. Electrically charged solar particles cause the lights, also known as the Aurora Borealis, or dawn of the north.

A Walrus Resting on Ice, Arctic Circle
A Walrus Resting on Ice, Arctic Circle

Arctic Wildlife

The Arctic Circle may not have the biggest population, but it is rich in wildlife. See the polar bears, walruses, seals and Arctic foxes that haunt the ice's edge. Observe the thousands of seabirds that breed and raise their young here, and hear their calls.

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