We're determined to make the cruising experience as convenient and enjoyable as possible for guests who are blind or have low vision. Our ships have been designed to incorporate Braille in public areas and lifts.


  •   Large-print menus and Cruise Compasses
  •   Service animals welcomed onboard: a 1.2-metre by 1.2-metre relief area with cypress mulch is provided
  •   Braille/tactile signage
  •   Braille lift buttons/audio call signals
  •   Orientation tours
  •   Qualified Readers



There have been many technological advances developed to assist guests who are deaf and hard of hearing. We've made every attempt to employ them wherever and whenever possible. Our goal is that all guests enjoy their cruise holiday to the fullest.


  •   A portable room kit in your stateroom is available upon request. It includes a visual-tactile alert system that provides alerts for door knocking, telephone ringing, alarm clock and smoke detector.
  •   A TTY (teletypewriter) in your stateroom is available upon request. The TTY in your stateroom interfaces with the TTY at the Guest Relations Desk to meet all your in-stateroom needs.
  •   Amplified telephones are available in the staterooms and public areas.
  •   Assistive Listening Systems are located in the main theatre on all ships and in Studio B on Voyager, Freedom and Oasis Class ships.
  •   Closed-captioned televisions are available in all staterooms across the fleet. Please note that only selected programs are captioned. All safety videos are captioned.
  •   Sign-language interpreting services will be provided upon request for deaf guests who use American Sign Language (ASL) as their primary means of communication. Sign-language interpreting services are provided for main production shows, port and shopping presentations and other major activities on a shared basis for all deaf guests on board. A request for sign-language interpreting services should be made with the Access Department at the time of booking but no later than 60 days prior to sailing. Requests are subject to the availability of interpreters. Sign-language interpreting services are provided on cruises that depart from and/or return to the U.S. and Canada.

To customise your accommodation to meet your specific needs, please complete the Guest Special Needs Form
To customise your accommodation to meet your specific needs, please complete the Guest Special Needs Form

We encourage you notify us of your needs at the time of booking, to guarantee the availability of specific equipment or services. Please note that 60 days' advanced notice is needed for sign-language interpreting and 30 days' advanced notice if you need special-needs equipment or services. If we do not receive enough advance notice, we will make reasonable efforts to provide requested equipment and/or services. You must provide 72 hours' advance notice if you are travelling with a group of 10 or more passengers with disabilities.


Call our Access Department on +1 866 592 7225,  or send an email to, or have your local travel agent or International Representative contact us. Our fax number is
+1 (954) 628-9622.


Feel free to ask for a Complaint Resolution Official (CRO). Our CROs have been trained and are aware of applicable U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) disability regulations as well as our policies and procedures regarding guests with disabilities. Our CROs are available at all U.S ports of departure and ships.

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