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Can I request to embark the ship at a different port of call or leave the ship earlier during my cruise?


Guests can request to embark or disembark at a port of call other than the scheduled embarkation/disembarkation port.  This is referred to as “down lining” and is on a request basis only, subject to consideration and approval by Royal Caribbean.  Although down lining is offered, it is highly discouraged due to implications resulting from unscheduled itinerary changes and weather/sea conditions, which may result in missing your port of embarkation/debarkation. Royal Caribbean cannot accept any liability in respect to these circumstances, which are out of our control.

Guests are not charged for submitting a downline request. Additionally, no fee is charged for an approved down lining request. Guests are not entitled to any discount of the cruise fare as a result of not completing the full cruise. Please note that changes in the global climate or ship's itinerary may cause prior approval to be rescinded.

It is the guest’s responsibility to ensure all documentation is correct and valid and the necessary visas obtained to meet the downline request.  Incorrect documentation can possibly result in denied entry into the requested countries or boarding of the vessel.

The request must include the below details to request an exception for pre-planned down lining:

  • Ship

  • Sail date

  • Booking number and guest name requesting the downline

  • Sailing port of embarkation

  • Request to embark or debark (indicate which and the date)

  • Reason for the request

  • Screenshot of the ship’s itinerary

Request should be sent to: emergencytravelteam@rccl.com

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