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Can all speciality restaurants accommodate special dietary requirements?


While we make every effort to fulfil our guest’s dietary requirements, we occasionally are unable to accommodate all special dietary requirements.  Please advise us of your dietary requirements by completing the Special Needs form.

We recommend you meet with the restaurant staff as soon as you board so the restaurant may start prepping the dining venues for any guests with food allergies. If you make your dining reservations onboard, you should speak with the staff once the reservation is made.
Examples: food allergies, gluten-free meals, vegetarian meals (except for vegan/macrobiotic), and low fat, and low-sodium, lactose free/soy milk, Ensure, and Kosher meals at no extra charge.  We do not provide vegan/macrobiotic meals. Vegan guests may speak with the Maître D on the first day and they will work with the guest to accommodate their needs. The ships do not provide, nor have access to, any organic food items.

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