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What can I expect between consecutive cruises?


Just because your ship is docking, doesn't mean your vacation is ending. If you're one of the lucky ones continuing on the following voyage aboard the same ship, we've enhanced our award-winning service to provide a seamless transition for you.

Here's what you can expect between cruises: 

  • Special attention, activities and dining options, such as:
    • Personalized services
    • Assistance to ensure your main dining room seating requests are made in advance of the following cruise
  • Continued access to your stateroom, including in-stateroom TV entertainment
  • A special notice to keep you in the loop of turnaround day immigration requirements and options-whether you’re planning to remain onboard or go ashore
  • A minimal amount of ship-wide public announcements to maintain a relaxing atmosphere; we'll try and limit all departure updates to the departure lounges and in-stateroom TV programming
  • A hot breakfast in our dining room or café. If you're in a suite category stateroom, you'll be treated to an exclusive continental breakfast hosted by guest services or the concierge
  • An on-hand Shipboard Staff, ready to answer any questions and ensure your comfort
  • Receive your new Sea Pass Card before disembarking.

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