Panoramic view of the Suez Canal

Crucero a Suez Canal (Passage), Egypt

Opened in 1869 and built to connect the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea, the Suez Canal is home to some of Egypt's most picturesque sights. As you pass through, you'll pass canal-side cities and villages: At the northern entrance is Port Said, a cosmopolitan port city with lush public gardens, sandy-hued mosques and European-inspired architecture. Halfway along the Suez Canal during your cruise, you'll sail by Ismailia — admire the city's 19th-century colonial villas and expansive, manicured lawns. In the south, you'll be treated to views of the seaport city Suez, including ornate mosques, the gardens of the Ganayen neighborhood and the towering Suez Canal bridge that connects Africa and Asia.

Things To Do in Suez Canal (Passage)

The Port Said lighthouse
The Port Said lighthouse

Landmark Lighthouse

See Port Said waterfront's quarter with its 19th-century villas. Fascinating historical buildings include the Lighthouse, an octagonal-shaped, 56-meter-high tower that was completed one week before the inauguration of the canal. It's also the first building in the world created with reinforced concrete and the longest-standing construction in the city.

A coptic church along the Suez Canal
A coptic church along the Suez Canal

From Coptic to Colonial

As you pass by Ismailia, you'll see Lake Timsah — one of the main lakes of the historic Nile Delta, the cradle of ancient Egyptian civilization. Spot the Coptic Church of Ismailia with its cross-topped domes. Look for colonial-era buildings like De Lessep's House, the impeccably maintained former residence of the French consul to Egypt.

The Suez Canal bridge
The Suez Canal bridge

Bridge Over Suez

Near the city of Suez, you'll pass by the Suez Canal Bridge with your Egypt cruise, also called the Mubarak Peace Bridge or simply El-Qantara ("The Bridge"). Note the bridge's two massive pylons on either side of the canal — one is in Asia, while the other is in Africa. Asia, while the other is in Africa.

1 In places of worship of any denomination here, it's expected to cover your arms and legs.
2 Free ferries from Port Said to the suburb Port Fuad leave from the terminal at the southwestern end of Sharia Palestine.

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