The Pristine Amalfi Coast in Italy


Eat, pray and love your way through Italy's tasty trattorias, calming cathedrals and romantic retreats.
Italy is brimming with world-class art and architecture, timeless natural scenery and a food and wine scene against which all others are judged. Roam the lively streets of the Eternal City of Rome, and see the Colosseum in its massive, ancient glory. Check out the unmistakable Duomo ('dome') of Florence, and taste your way through the wineries of the nearby Chianti hills. Cruise to Italy and ride a gondola down the serpentine canals of Venice, and see the brilliant gold mosaics of St Mark's Basilica. Or hike volcanic Mount Vesuvius and refuel with a classic Neapolitan pizza in Naples.

Look Up!
History class comes alive in Italy's iconic structures and celebrated art galleries. From gazing upward at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, to combing through the dozens of timeless works that make Florence's Uffizi Gallery famous (including 'The Birth of Venus'), Italy's artistic heritage is as impressive in the big picture as it is in the finer details.

Live Forever in Eternal Cities
Rome is Italy's Eternal City, with its massive Colosseum and the ruins of the Roman Forum, but there are other spots here with roots equally as deep. In Florence, visit the Gothic church of Santa Maria del Fiore, built on the site of a 7th-century chapel. In Venice, you can set foot in 9th-century St Mark's Basilica and see the dazzling gold mosaics from Byzantine times.

Visit a City-State (or Two)
Regardless of your religious beliefs, no trip to Rome is complete without a tour of Vatican City, where the splendour transcends its Catholic identity. From Florence or Venice, visit the mountainous micro-country of San Marino, which boasts an 11th-century citadel that rests hundreds of feet above the ground.

Walk on the Wild Side
Who says Italy is only churches, pizza and high-brow art? Take a hike through the hills of the Tuscany region or have a dip in the crystalline waters of Capri, where the harbour is filled with yachts as far as the eye can see. From the pristine coasts to the rolling hills, Italy is a natural beauty.

Dare to Stray
Even if you stick to 'mainstream' Italian destinations, you can still spice up your time in Italy. Ride a vaporetto (a local form of taxi boat) from Venice to the colorful island of Burano, or take a westward train ride from the port city of La Spezia to the lush coast of Cinque Terre. These are great alternatives to going south and east to Florence or Pisa.

Twirl Your Fork
Sophia Loren famously said that she'd rather eat pasta and drink wine than be a size zero, which is a great attitude to have while visiting Italy. Indulge in the notorious pizza of Naples or the award-winning pastas of Rome's Trastevere district – you'll need the energy for exploring cities on foot.

Swim, stroll or sunbathe

Along Italy's coast
Italy offers as many sailing options as it does captivating cities and foods you can't stop raving about. Browse all of Royal Caribbean’s Italy cruises and ports of call, from Civitavecchia near Rome to the underrated port of Capri near Naples.
Cinque Terre, Italy Cliff Landscape


See Italy as part of a larger excursion to the Western Mediterranean: Hit Rome, Florence and Naples in the same week as you see the bustling promenades of Barcelona and the pristine beaches of Provence, France.

Ancient Greece Ruins Delos Apollo and Artemis.


Get to know the cradle of western culture with a cruise to Italy and Greece, which will take you from the Colosseum and the Duomo to Acropolis of Athens and bright-water, white-sand beaches of the Greek Isles.

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Eat, pray and love your way through the tasty trattorias, calming cathedrals and romantic retreats

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Italian cuisine is popular all over the world, but you've never really eaten it until you've had it in Italy. From familiar favorites like pizza and pasta, to a delightful variety of Italian meats and finishing touches like bitter espresso and sweet gelato, food is an essential part of the Italy travel experience.

Leaning Towers of Pizza
As its name suggests, Dal Presidente Pizza in Naples is famous because President Bill Clinton enjoyed its pizza during a visit. Whether you choose a simple margherita (mozzarella and tomato) or a complex capricciosa (the heat cooks the raw egg on top of it), Neapolitan pizza is sure to get your vote.

Next-Level Noodles
Pasta in Italy will change your life, whether you choose egg-and-bacon carbonara or pasta primavera, which pairs farfalle with fresh seasonal vegetables. No matter where in the country you are, choose a place that makes its pasta fresh –— and one where patrons speak more Italian than English.

Scoop It Up
Gelato is not just 'Italian ice cream'. It uses more milk and fewer eggs (zero, in fact) than ice cream, but that's just the start of why it's essential to Italian dining. Try classic flavours like rich stracciatella (milk flavour with chocolate shavings) and fruity amarena, which tastes like cherries.


Want to learn more about Italy's most exciting ports of call? Visit Civitavecchia to explore the port of Rome, bustling Naples and the yacht-filled Isle of Capri. Venice is more than just canals and gondolas, while La Spezia is an ideal entry point to both Florence's Renaissance-era art and Pisa's Leaning Tower.

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