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Cruise to Sicily (Catania), Sicily

This plucky city on the Ionian sea is rich in folklore, history and beauty. The backdrop of Mount Etna, or what the locals call The Good Volcano, is a testament of Sicilian resilience. Originally a Greek colony, Catania has been destroyed and rebuilt several times over. You'll find the city's symbol, the elephant, on everything from buildings to souvenirs across town. A wonderful combination of the modern and ancient, Catania's citizens tap into the black lava from Etna to grow rich vineyards for unique wines you can enjoy during your Sicily cruise.
National Language Italian, Sicilian
Currency Accepted Euro (EUR)

Things To Do in Sicily (Catania)

View of the Bellini Theater Square in Sicily (Catania), Italy

Sicily (Catania), Italy, Bellini Theater Square

Pasta Andante

Pasta Andante

Music lovers will enjoy visiting the Bellini Theater, named after composer Vincenzo Bellini and inaugurated in 1890 with a performance of his masterpiece "Norma." Fun fact: The most famous dish in Catania, pasta alla norma, is named for this number.

A group climbing Mt. Etna in Sicily

Sicily (Catania), Italy, Mt. Etna

Adventure of Great Magmatude

Adventure of Great Magmatude

Hike through the lush landscape and cloudy mist as you visit the craters and lava pit stops on Mt. Etna. A local tour can guide you through the history of the eruptions. The vineyards planted in the volcanic soil of this area give life to unique, ethereal wines.

A fish market in Catania, Sicily, Italy

Sicily (Catania), Italy, Fish market

Fun for a Market Price

The vivacious fish market is a street theater of everyday life in Sicily today. The amusing banter among the customers and vendors is well worth the early morning stroll to the Pescheria. Cruises to Sicily allow you to enjoy local delicacies that include sea urchin and bottarga, a salt-cured tuna roe.

A bowl of pasta alla norma with eggplant and tomato

Sicily (Catania), Italy, Pasta alla Norma Egglant and Tomato

Local Cuisine

Catania is a culinary adventure. Head to a street vendor in the city center and pick up a slice of sfincione, the Sicilian pizza topped with anchovies, onions and cheese. Don't miss Catania's pasta alla norma, named for the composer Vincenzo Bellini's masterpiece, with eggplant, ricotta salata, basil and oregano. In the mood for seafood? Try sarde a beccafico, fried sardines stuffed with currants, with a glass of zibbibo, the local white wine.

A volcanic stone bracelet

Sicily (Catania), Italy, Volcanic stone bracelet


Don't leave without bringing home a bottle or two of the complex, otherworldly wines produced from Catania's volcanic soil. Small shops offer up local wines made from grapes cultivated in the rich lavic turf of Mt. Etna. You'll find much of the best shopping in the Pigno neighborhood with your Sicily cruise. Head there to pick up a coffa bag — a colorful straw handbag unique to the area — or a vase, decorative bowl or piece of jewelry made from volcanic stone.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Find a local guide to take you on a tour of the breathtaking Etna countryside. Visit family wineries and farmhouses and discover the best local food and wines produced on lava territory.
2 Take a peaceful break at the Monastero di Catania, a reprieve in the city center.

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