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Can a guest remain onboard the ship should they prefer not to disembark while in Cuba? If so, is the purchase of a visa required?


Guests do have the option to remain onboard the ship while in port, and it is at each guest's discretion whether to disembark while in Cuba.

  • Travelers who were not born in Cuba, and who wish to disembark the ship while in Cuba, will need a Cuban visa. If you are NOT going to disembark, you do not need a Cuban visa. You will not have to complete the Cuban visa forms at the pier and will not have to pay for Cuban visa processing.
  • U.S.-Cuban dual citizens who departed Cuba prior to January 1, 1971, require a special visa to cruise to Cuba. This special visa is required to board the ship, even if you do not plan to disembark the ship while in Cuba. Royal Caribbean does NOT administer this special visa.
  • All other passport requirements must to be met, by all travelers, and Travel Certification documents provided at the pier, in order to board the ship — even if you do not plan to disembark in Cuba.

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