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Are there swim vests available for my child to use onboard?


Yes. We have life vests available in four different sizes located on the pool deck. Please ensure that the swim vest fits properly based on your child’s weight and height.

  • Swim vests are available fleetwide for onboard use.
  • Swim vests are not mandatory. Parental supervision is required for all children 12 and under.
  • Swim vests are available in four different sizes:
    • Infants – Less than 30 pounds
    • Children – 30 to 60 pounds
    • Youth – 50 to 90 pounds
    • Adult Small – More than 90 pounds.
  • Instructions are displayed at the swim vest rack near the towel station.
    • Translated instructions can be found at the towel station.
  • Swim vests are complimentary for use onboard.

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