Using your Future Cruise Credit (FCC) toward your next vacation is easy. You can do it right online. 

New Bookings

You can use your Future Cruise Credit to book a cruise on the website. You apply it just like any form of payment. 

Shop the site for the cruise you want.

Have your Future Cruise Credit number ready. Search your inbox for “Royal Caribbean Future Cruise Credit” to find your FCC info.

When you go to checkout, enter your Cruise Credit number at the Payment page and click “Submit.”

Tadah! The credit is applied, and you’ll receive a confirmation email that it went through.

Other tips: If you are booking multiple rooms, you can enter a Future Cruise Credit number to apply to each room. If a balance remains on your Future Cruise Credit after applying, we’ll reissue you a new one for the amount of the balance.

Existing Bookings

Already have a cruise booked? You can apply a Future Cruise Credit toward any remaining payment you have on an existing reservation.

Contact us to get your credits applied towards your existing bookings.

Contact your Travel Advisor if you made the original reservation through them and they will assist with applying it towards your existing booking.


For every Future Cruise Credit we issue, we send an email with all the necessary info. Search your inbox for “Royal Caribbean Future Cruise Credit”. You can also check the balance of your FCC when you are completing a new booking on the website, just before you make your payment. If you’re having trouble, you can call us, or contact your Travel Advisor if you made the original reservation through them. They receive all the same information about your Future Cruise Credits.

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