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How long does it take to walk to each part of Perfect Day at CocoCay? What are the walk times?


The walk time down the pier, from ship to Arrivals Plaza, is approximately 6 minutes. There is also a complimentary Pier Tram that runs on a loop, up and down the pier.

From Arrivals Plaza, here are the walk times to the main areas and attractions:

  • Thrill Waterpark ~3 minutes
  • Harbor Beach ~5 minutes
  • Oasis Lagoon ~8 minutes
  • Chill Island ~5-10 minutes
  • South Beach ~14 minutes (opens in December 2019)

There is also a complimentary Island Tram that runs all day between main areas on the island; please see the tram FAQ to learn more.

All walk times are indicated on the island signage and also the Perfect Day at CocoCay Map, available to download here.

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