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Will Royal Caribbean offer pre-cruise and post-cruise hotel packages in Barbados?


Yes, the following hotels and packages available for guests to choose from:

One Night Pre/Post Packages (Not All-Inclusive Hotels) 

  • Accra Beach Hotel & Spa
  • Hilton Barbados Resort 
  • Radisson Aquatica Resort Barbados 

Two, three, and seven nights Pre/Post Packages

  • Sea Breeze Beach House (All-inclusive hotel)
  • Turtle Beach (All-inclusive hotel)
  • South Beach Hotel (Breakfast only included) 

Benefits of booking hotel packages with Royal Caribbean include: 

  • There are no hidden costs upon arrival at hotel
  • The portion of the ship transfer is included in the hotel package
  • Service guarantee: If due to unforeseen circumstances the hotel cannot honor the reservation, Royal Caribbean ensures you are placed in a hotel of the same caliber

If you are booking directly through Royal Caribbean, please contact your local Royal Caribbean office or speak to your Travel Advisor.

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