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What are the policies for the YSPA?


  • Parental Consent - All teens must have their parent's consent before receiving treatments. A parent or guardian must sign the teen's client consultation form acknowledging their consent. 
  • Guests Under 18 - All guests under the age of 18 receiving massage treatments are required to wear their bathing suits during treatments.
  • Parental Supervision - All teen YSPA treatments will be performed by a female therapist. For guests under 16 years of age, a parent or guardian must be present for treatments performed in private rooms.
  • Restrictions - Teen guests are only allowed to receive the treatments noted on the teen/ YSPA menu. No deviations from the menu are allowed. Teen guests are not permitted in the sauna or steam rooms. 
  • Fitness Frenzy Classes - All Fitness Frenzy classes will be held at the aerobics studio or a place designated by the Fitness Director. Only teens 16 and above may participate in the Fitness Frenzy classes.

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