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What are the requirements for learning how to scuba dive?


If you have a passion for excitement and adventure, chances are you can become an avid PADI scuba diver. You’ll also want to keep in mind the following requirements:

  • The minimum age is 12 years old 
  • All student divers complete a brief scuba medical questionnaire regarding health conditions that might pose problems while diving. If any of these apply to you, your doctor must, as a safety precaution, assess the condition as it relates to diving and sign a medical form that confirms you’re fit to dive. The PADI Medical Form can be found by clicking here.
  • Before completing the PADI Open Water Diver course, your instructor will have you demonstrate basic water skills to be sure you’re comfortable in the water, including:
    •  Swim 200 meters/yards (or 300 meters/yards in mask, fins and snorkel) without stopping. There is no time limit for this, and you may use any swimming strokes you want.
    • Float and tread water for 10 minutes, again using any methods you want. 
  • Each diver must have a personal set of the learning materials for use during the course and for reference after the course.

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