National Park Forest, Inside Passage, Alaska
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Cruise to Alaska Inside Passage, Alaska

Shaped by the staggering force of massive glaciers millions of years ago, Alaska’s Inside Passage awes explorers with miles and miles of wildlife-dotted fjords, tidewater glaciers and vibrant forest scenery along the Pacific coast. Immerse yourself in spectacular views in every direction as you sail through this panoramic powerhouse. It’s more than 1,000 islands, islets, coves and fjords. Charming coastal towns, each with its own character. Plus Tongass National Forest – the largest in the country, blanketing nearly 17 million acres across southeast Alaska. From lush landscapes to glacial giants, the views vibrate with unspoiled greens and every hue of blue.

Things To Do in Alaska Inside Passage

Sea Lions Glacier Mountains, Inside Passage, Alaska
Sea Lions Glacier Mountains, Inside Passage, Alaska


Get an up-close view of Alaska’s wild seascapes, in whichever direction you look. Sail through ice-carved fjords flanked by sky-piercing mountains. See coastal towns only accessible by boat or air. Tongass National Park is filled with lofty spruce, hemlock and cedar trees, while giant calving glaciers pack Glacier Bay National Park.

Whale Jumping out of Ocean, Inside Passage, Alaska
Whale Jumping out of Ocean, Inside Passage, Alaska


Feel the pioneer spirit of Alaska, from First Nations tribes to early Russian settlers to Gold Rush prospectors. These waters are also home to a huge population of whales, sea lions, seals, porpoises and puffins. Bald eagles and seabirds often fly overhead – and Admiralty Island is the best spot for glimpsing bears.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
During the summer, Alaska sees up to 19 hours of daylight – that means around-the-clock sightseeing opportunities. Bring sunglasses for the days and a sleep mask for the nights
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