Aerial View of Coral Reef in New Caledonia Lagoon
A Panoramic Nature Journey

Cruise to Havannah Boulari Passage (Cruising), New Caledonia

Experience a day at sea that you'll never forget. Travel to the Havannah Boulari Passage through New Caledonia – it's a panoramic journey through vivid landscapes filled with crystal-clear waters, lush green forests and rocky cliffs. Cosy into a deckside lounge chair as the ship coasts alongside the South Pacific islands. The water is so clear you just might be able to spot a pod of dolphins showing off or glimpse one of several species of turtles. Green and loggerhead turtles are native to the area and nest on New Caledonian beaches. Steady your gaze and have your binoculars ready while you visit the Havannah Boulari Passage so you're prepared for an encounter with the reef sharks, often seen patrolling these biodiverse straits. The journey is all set against a shoreline dotted with dramatic cliffs and rolling hills reddened by rich copper deposits.
Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
1 Pack a good pair of binoculars to get a closer look at all the marine life.
2 Have your camera or smartphone ready and charged – the moments of nature can be fleeting!

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