Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef

Cruise to Willis Island (Cruising), Australia

Willis Island is the only permanently inhabited island in the Coral Sea Islands Territory. Located beyond the Great Barrier Reef, this island stands 280 miles from Cairns. The only residents on the 7.7-hectare sandy island are a handful of Australian Bureau of Meteorology staff members working at the weather monitoring station.The main attractions are the sights you'll see as you cruise through the Coral Sea. Spot tropical birds like black noodies, sooty terns and wedge-tailed shearwaters. Cruise to Willis Island to see the Great Barrier Reef stretch beneath the turquoise waters and the exotic fish that swim here, including angel fish, clown fish and hammerhead sharks.

Things To Do in Willis Island (Cruising)

Sea turtle in the ocean
Sea turtle in the ocean

Turtle Time

Being next door to the Great Barrier Reef means the area surrounding Willis Island is filled with magnificent coral and marine life. Green sea turtles call the reef and the island home. Meteorologists on Willis Island have said that the turtles nest on the island annually.

Nurse sharks feeding
Nurse sharks feeding

Jump for Jaws

Osprey Reef is also a part of the Coral Sea Islands Territory. Located on the outer Great Barrier Reef, Osprey is one of Australia's best dive sites. It's been a reef shark feeding site for 15 years, and divers can sit in a natural amphitheater to watch the daily action.

Insider's Tips
Insider's Tips
Like its far-flung neighbor in Cairns, Willis Island has a tropical climate.
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