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Are there special gifts for the Honeymoon Registry?


We offer a number of items on the honeymoon registry. They are broken down into three groups for the bride & groom to reference when the time comes to book:

  • Royal Gifts: Royal Caribbean towels, Romance packages, etc. It is noted that these items will be delivered directly to their stateroom. These items are added to their booking five days before sailing.
  • Pre-cruise Dollars: Contributions towards cruise fare, specialty dining, spa, shore excursions - anything they can pre-book. It is noted that the bride and groom may take this money out of their account at any time so they can pre-reserve these items before they sail. Money is sent to the Bride and Groom. They are able to take it out of their online honeymoon account and it gets transferred in whatever manner they asked for (usually bank transfer).
  • Onboard Credit: Contributions towards drinks at the bar, the casino, onboard shopping, etc. These are not physical items we sell, the dollars are transferred to their onboard account to use as they wish while onboard. These will be transferred to their account 5 days before sailing as a paid onboard credit.

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