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How does admission to Coco Beach Club work on Perfect Day at CocoCay once I have purchased on Cruise Planner? Can I exit and enter as I please?


You can reserve your admission to Coco Beach Club and book a cabana on Cruise Planner. Once onboard, the night prior to your arrival at Perfect Day at CocoCay, you’ll receive a letter in your stateroom that includes your tickets. If you booked a cabana, you will receive your cabana number as well as a cabana map to help you locate it.

Once at Perfect Day at CocoCay, make your way to Coco Beach Club. Your cabana map will show you the location of the Cabana Concierge. Your Cabana Concierge will take your tickets and provide your whole party with wristbands. You’ll then be escorted to your private cabana, so you can kick back, relax and crank up the chill.

If you haven’t booked a cabana you will also receive wristbands for your whole party from the Concierge at the entrance to Coco Beach Club.

If you wish to leave Coco Beach Club at any point during your day, you can use your wristband to enter and exit as you please — just be sure to keep it on.

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