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How long does it take to walk to Coco Beach Club from the ship at Perfect Day at CocoCay?


The walk time from the ship to Coco Beach Club is approx. 10 minutes. There is also a tram dedicated to guests of Coco Beach Club that runs approximately every 10 minutes, all day. You can board the tram near Arrivals Plaza.

Here are approximate walk times from Coco Beach Club to various attractions:

  • Thrill Waterpark ~ 6 minutes
  • Harbor Beach ~ 6 minutes
  • Oasis Lagoon ~ 3 minutes
  • Chill Island ~ 5 minutes
  • South Beach ~3 minutes (opens on January 31, 2020)

There is also a complimentary island tram that runs all day between main areas on the island.

Tram route and all walk times are indicated on the island signage.

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