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What is PADI® certified?


PADI® is the Professional Association Of Diving Instructors. It is a certification agency, meaning, a group that provides for the training of divers. There are many different certification agency’s in the world, PADI is by far the largest. PADI Instructors have participated in a series of dive training courses from recreational to professional levels to enable us to safely train divers. The PADI system of diver education is fun, easy and safe. When someone is PADI certified, that means the individual has successfully completed a diver course sanctioned by PADI and taught by a PADI Instructor. The individual has demonstrated through academic and practical means that they are capable of safely participating in diving activities up to the level of the certification they hold in conditions equal to or better than what they were certified in. There are many levels of "PADI" certified divers.

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