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Questions related to Weddings

The Captain can perform your ceremony once the ship is in international waters. Your marriage will be legally recognized in The Bahamas. Check with your local governmental authorities to see if they will also recognize your marriage.
Yes, you can get married at Perfect Day at CocoCay while your cruise is docked at the island, pending availability at one of our island wedding sites. Contact our Royal Weddings team at 1-888-WED-RCCL to learn more.
The Bahamian maritime marriage license process is complex and requires at least 90 days for processing. Royal Weddings will assist you with obtaining your license to ensure all legal requirements in the Bahamas are met. Additional licensing fees appl...
There are certain limitations as to when your wedding can take place. Royal Weddings will make every effort to accommodate your preferred date but it is subject to the venue and officiant availability
All weddings at sea must be booked at least 90 days prior to sailing but we strongly encourage you to book as far in advance as possible.
For shipboard ceremonies, the maximum will depend on the capacity of the venue. For shipboard ceremonies taking place on the first day of sailing at the port of embarkation, up to 75 of your guests (out of your 150 total guest allotment) may be “non-...
For weddings held on the first day of the cruise, we allow wedding parties priority boarding. Because of this, we require that members of wedding parties arrive at the pier at a specified time to avoid congestion. Note that boarding times may vary by...
If the weather is unsuitable for an outdoor ceremony, alternate arrangements will be made at the discretion of the coordinator.
The customer care associate is the first person you’ll talk to when you call Royal Weddings. They will assist you in choosing a package and completing your contract. From there, your personal shoreside coordinator will help you design all the details...
Wheelchair, restroom and changing room accessibility vary by ship and by port. Contact your shoreside coordinator for location specifications.
In the United States, a Notary Public or a non-denominational officiant will preside. In non-U.S. ports, a non-denominational officiant will preside. Legal ceremonies at sea are performed by the Captain or Staff Captain. Symbolic ceremonies at sea ar...
Same-sex legal weddings are currently offered ashore, in U.S. ports and in ports abroad, where legally permissible. Legal same-sex weddings cannot be performed at sea, as Royal Caribbean ships are registered in the Bahamas. However, symbolic same-sex...
Additional fees will apply on some holidays. Contact your Royal Weddings Planner for complete details.
Portable music systems are available for your shipboard ceremony. Traditional wedding pre-recorded music is provided, or you may bring your preferred music. Music is not provided for weddings held shoreside, but can be arranged at limited locations.
Wedding decorations brought onboard are subject to approval. Contact your shoreside coordinator for more information.
Full Package amount is due upon booking. Final payment for enhancements are due 45 days prior to sailing. All prices shown on brochure are in US Dollars.
No, we cannot apply these points or credits to your wedding package or enhancements.
You are able to schedule a ship tour after you have booked your wedding. Ship tours include a full tour of the venues of the ship and a luncheon. The cost is $250.00 for up to 4 guests. Plus $60.00 each per additional guest. Please further inquire wi...
You are able to book a Spa appointment online through Pre-Cruise Planner. We do offer priority service to couples but if the booking is not made online, you will need to secure the appointment by visiting the salon on Embarkation day.
In order to secure your booking date and venue, the initial deposit amount is the cost of the wedding package selected plus any legal and port taxes (if applicable). Any package add-ons you have selected are due 45 days prior to your sailing date.
Royal Celebrations will be your Pre-Cruise Wedding Planner to walk you through every wonderful possibility. Once onboard, you will meet your Day Of Wedding Coordinator to bring your dream wedding to life and if an Embarkation or Destination package i...
From beach casual to full formal, the recommended attire for your event is totally up to you.

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