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Questions related to My Time Dining

Guests who choose ‘My Time Dining’ on all European sailings will have gratuities automatically added to their bill,  as they may be served by different members of the team each night. This means tips for your waiting staff – as well as other dining a...
Guests who have signed up for My Time Dining will have their SeaPass® card designated with the dining room and deck number. They will be seated in one of the main dining rooms. There will be a My Time Dining check-in desk at the entrance to the dinin...
Guests can only participate in one dining style per sailing. We can honor requests to change only once based on availability.
We strongly recommend reserving your dining times through Cruise Planner prior to your sailing as dining times may fill up. However, you can still make reservations, based on availability, once onboard.
Reservations are strongly recommended in order to avoid a delay in seating (reservations will be taken once onboard, based on availability).
The wait staff will have your table ready for you so can avoid a delay in seating. If you would like a specific waiter or table, they are more likely to be able to accommodate your request with advance reservations (however, please note this is based...
Yes. Once they go to the My Time Dining desk to be seated for dinner, the waiter will look up the guest’s stateroom and pull any special dietary needs or amenities purchased for them.
Yes, My Time Dining is flexible. You will be seated with whomever you arrive to the dining room with. Reservations are strongly recommended in order to avoid a delay in seating.
Yes, My Time Dining uses the same menu as traditional seating.
Guests may request a special table or waiter. The dining staff will do all possible to accommodate the request, based on availability.
My Time Dining is now a choice within the booking process. When making a reservation you will be offered “My Time” or traditional dining times (i.e., 5:30 pm & 8:00 pm).
Yes, if there is availability in the My Time Dining Room, we would be happy to accommodate the request. Please note, you can only choose one dining style per sailing so once they join you they must use My Time Dining for the rest of the cruise.

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